Power Report

Regulatory reporting like the Incurred Cost Submission (ICS) is typically a headache for GovCons.Instead, let us automate your reports and connect them to your back-end system via an intermediary data model layer.Complete an ICS in one-day instead of weeks. Do not waste your money on expensive consulting firms. Let Power Report guide you.

The U.S. Government continues to be the largest buyer of goods and services in the world. Companies wishing to do business with the Government must adhere to onerous compliance requirements and operational reporting. PSRs, cost impacts, indirect rate scenarios, etc. Let us help you through this with a solution tailored for the GovCon community. From enterprise to small business we are here to assist.

How to cut your month-end  reporting time  in half with automation.

Generate better GovCon reports half the time, right from Excel!

Simply click, drag, and drop to create any report imaginable, right to Excel

“I really like the program. The reports & analysis that I can create with Power Report are much more robust and useful. It has and will continue to save hours each month.”

-Kelly Willits
Barquin International


“This software is perfect for our emerging market. The price-point and innovative technology makes it easy and desirable by our end users

-Nehemiah Attique
Hatua Solutions


“Power Report is easy to use the learning curve is not to be feared. Functionality and flexibility in my reports and analytics can not be matched.”

-Chris Harris
CFO, Acclaim Service


POWER REPORT  has fundamentally shifted how accountants use Excel. It is a great achievement in terms of closing a technology gap that exists between stored data and financial reporting.


An application for accountants, by accountants. No need to learn any new formulas or scripts. Click, drag and drop to create any report imaginable right in Excel.


Rather than pulling data and forcing it into your report design, we flipped the script and developed the first application that allows you start with a report template and fill it in with connected data.


Create and automate reports and run through the close in a fraction of the time. Update reports as fast as you can click ‘Refresh Data’. Forget data dumping, data trapped in pivot tables, and report re-formatting.


Instead of attempting to replicate Excel functionality, we added the key missing pieces to make it an extensible reporting writing tool. Leverage PowerPivot, SSAS multi-dimensional, Azure Analysis Services or Hyperion Essbase and connect to virtually any ERP or CRM data source.


Download and complete your first report in a matter of hours. No IT effort required and a learning curve anyone can handle.

Revolutionize your reporting environment, save time, and money for the taxpayer. Win more awards and become more competitive in the marketplace.



A perpetual connection between your system’s data and individual cells eliminates data entry errors, data dumping and reformatting whenever you need to update the report. Create your reports once and never do them again- leverage all the rich data and get an up-to-the-minute understanding of your business situation, right now.


All your data is connected to one source and is consistently presented from month to month ensuring data integrity—giving you the confidence to make decisions knowing your reports and analysis are reliable and up-to-date.


Reduce your monthly close time in half. More time spent analyzing numbers less time spent crunching them.


Create custom reports just once, and have them update in real time. Eliminate data dumping and create all your reports in less time than you can imagine.


Automate your clients monthly reporting by simply connecting to Quickbooks or other accounting package, and use PowerReport to create and publish reports using the most up-to-date data.


Create any business model and have it update in real time. No need to repopulate data.